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Maya Fishing Instructor Guide For Pole Rod

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Pole Rod Instructor Guide

Attaching the wire to the pole rod

  1. Thread the wire through ring at the end of the rod
  2. Fold the wire through the ring in half to create a loop adjacent to the main wire
  3. Twist the wire through the loop around the two adjacent wires three times
  4. Pull the rest upwards and tighten the knot towards the ring at the end of the rod
  5. Cut the excess wire (not to close to the knot)

Cutting the wire at the right length

  1. Take out the end of the rod
  2. Correctly open the rod to its maximum length by taking out each section in order, and fastening one to the other
  3. Stretch the wire along the length of the rod
  4. Cut the wire at a distance of 20 cm from the back end of the rod

Preparing the set – preparing the line to the buoy, connecting the sinkers and tying the loop to the hook

  1. Insert the wire through the buoy
  2. Fold the wire in half to create a loop
  3. Bring the loop to the excess wire and create a second loop
  4. Twist the second loop 180 degrees
  5. Insert the first loop through the second loop
  6. After this creates a figure 8 knot, tighten the knot
  7. Cut the excess wire (not to close to the knot)
  8. Press the sinkers with the compatible weight to the buoy, to the wire

 Tying the wire to the hook

  1. Take 40cm of nylon line and connect the two edges
  2. Place the hook adjacent to the wire, with the end of the hook facing upwards
  3. Wraparound of the wire from the right, once around the hook and the wire towards the right
  4. Continue wrapping the wire on the hook and wire towards the left around 5-7 times
  5. During the wraparounds, pull and strengthen the wire coming from the left
  6. Tighten the wires with pliers
  7. Cut the remaining wire (not to close to the knot)

Attaching the hook to the main set

  1. Take the end of the wire of the hook and create a figure 8 loop knot (see in video)
  2. Push the loop of the wire on the hook through the loop of the main set
  3. Push the hook itself through the loop that its attached to
  4. Tighten the loop of the hook and the main set Opening and closing the pole rod properly


  1. Release the wire
  2. Remove the cap of the rod
  3. Pull the wire and take out the edge of the rod
  4. Take out each section in order, fastening them one by one, while holding the wire in the other hand
  5. Hold the rod properly, with the bottom section of the rod between legs, and resting the rest of the rod on the wrist


  1. Inser each section in order while twisting the connecting sections between the
  2. Put the cover back on the end
  3. Wrap the wire back around the clips
    A rubber band can be used to secure the last wraparound

Attaching bait and throwing

  1. Hold the rod between both legs and hold up the rod with your wrist while holding the wire in your second hand
  2. Determine depth of the hook based on the buoy on the wire
  3. Hold the hook cautiously and chose the right sized bait for the hook
  4. Tightly cover the hook with the bait
  5. Hold the wire in one hand parallel to the wrist holding the rod while aiming to the desired throwing spot
    Pull the wire until it bends and creates tension in the wire
  6. Cast the rod by releasing the wire while moving the rod forwardsz

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